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The imploration of light
This art creation is dedicated to the imploration of light referring to its seven main colors. The seven colors appear through seven precious stones - in another collection of the artist - and they symbolize seven emotions required for any kind of creation, let it be artistic or human.
The composition contains nine sheets. The first - the white - refers to the daylight. The last - the black - refers to the nightlight. Those in between are:
The orange stands for virginity and openness.
The rose pink stands for inspiration.
The blue stands for gestation.
The green stands for mothering.
The violet stands for respect and distance.
The yellow stands for satisfaction and for pride about the achieved work.
The red stands for rest and for farewell.

The grey colors of the figure imply the necessity of the imploration of light underlining its importance. The cross is a common artistic symbol and in this case slightly asymmetric.

imploration of light - yellow crystal.
sculptural photography.
45x60 cm. FineArt-print coated on aludibond. 2006.