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Press reactions: PAX - A new book about peace on the market
Boston News Globe
Daily News Aukland
Daily News London
Washington News World
Recensioni: PAX
Recensioni: PAX (Vega Journal)

Andrés Ginestet: "Cultura, pace e ambiente. Il valore della complessità umana"

Cultura, pace e ambiente. (Vega Journal)


Andrés Ginestet on "Violence" (Televisionet, Cannes 2009 (in English)
YouTube-Video: "Violence in the Media"
YouTube-Video: "Story of Violence"

Video: Round table discussion on networkvisio: Discussion in French with Ervin Laszlo, Michel Lecomte, Michel Saloff and Guilbert Del Marmol on the topic "les enjeux de l'eau et du changement climatique" (networkvisio, Cannes 2009 (in French))
Part 1: Cannes TV uld 164
Part 2: Cannes TV uld 179
Part 3: Cannes TV uld 180
Part 4: Cannes TV uld 181

YouTube-Video: Documentary on Andrés Ginestet's participation at the ArtShow Cannes 2009 (Televisionet 2009 (in English))

XV World Congress of the ISC
Barcelona: 2008, July 20-25
Round table: Criminology and Transdisciplinary Working
How to use paradoxes and make life complex and vital.
Don't solve problems: create problems. (PDF)

XV World Congress of the ISC
Barcelona: 2008, July 20-25
Working group: A criminological reading of System Theory, daily aesthetic parameters and their relevance for the reparation of victims and the reinsertion of aggressors and delinquents. (PDF)

Online-Artikel: Ausstellung Da Vinci Barcelona

Article: "Cos i Ànima". In: Col·legi d'Arquitectes de Catalunya, INDE, Juliol 2006.

Online-article: "La mirada escultórica del fotógrafo". By Ivan Sánchez. In: Digital Fotography ( Mai 2006.

YouTube-Video: Documentary on exhibition at the Caixa Penedès (2006 (in Catalan))

YouTube-Video: Documentary on Andrés Ginestet on TVE international (May 2006 (in Spanish))

Newspaper article: "Monumental gegen sexuelle Gewalt". Wuppertaler Rundschau. January 2003

YouTube-Video: Documentary on Andrés Ginestet's fresco painting in Cologne (WDR 2002 (in German))

Article: "Elan". Neue Keramik. März/April 1997. (PDF)

Article: "Mit dem "Elan" ging die Post ab". Dortmunder-U. 1/1994. (PDF)

YouTube-Video: Documentary on the monumental sculpture "Elan" (Studio Dortmund 1992 (in German))